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Transforming People’s Lives


At Jen Dallas Interiors, our practice is born of a belief that every environment we design can elevate the lives of the people who dwell there. That through our work -- to conceive, design, and install beautiful spaces -- we can transform people’s lives. 


Your Vision of Home


At the heart of our work is a passion to understand your deeply-held vision of home. What you dream about. What brings you alive. It is precisely this – bringing to life your most intimate idea of home in a way nobody imagined – for which we are known. 


When you dream big, you create a kind of magical alchemy. It becomes a complete and nuanced expression of your lifestyle, life stage, and aspirations. Leading our close-knit team is founder Jen Dallas, whose knowledge of interior architecture, construction and design is informed by classical training interpreted with a modern aesthetic. 


Inspiring Design


Which is why we’ve forged a reputation for interiors that impart the patina of age while feeling clean-lined and current. From residences to offices and gardens, our full-service team specializes in the design of both construction built from the ground up and remodels. All of which happen with our masterful partners: builders, project architects, and a constellation of trusted vendors and artisans. 


Even more, our approach is holistic. What does that mean, exactly? That we integrate every aspect of your project -- from structure and style to setting -- into a cohesive whole. From the landscape to a property’s architecture, the surroundings are a source of inspiration.


A Profound Sense of Place


Building on the dynamic interplay between architectural elements and the many layers of character that compose a sophisticated interior, the result is a meaningful dialogue between every facet. Creating a profound sense of place. Of belonging, being, and wellbeing.


Above all, we consider it a privilege to be entrusted with your most treasured spaces. And to help transform your quality of life. We never lose sight – not for one instant – of our dedication to your vision.

Contact us to request a design consultation. 

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